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Cookie usage and privacy


Hanko Asia's website uses cookies. By using Hanko Asia's website, you accept this policy and give Hanko Asia your consent to the use of cookies.

Cookies are text files that the internet browser saves on the user's device. Cookies store information about the user's behavior on a certain website. When the user returns to the page later, the browser sends the cookies belonging to it back to the page. With the help of cookies, the page recognizes the user and utilizes information collected during previous sessions. Such information includes name, e-mail address, home or work address or telephone number. The site only has the information that the user has given himself. For example, the site cannot determine the user's email address unless it has been entered. The site cannot access other data found on the computer.

Hanko Sushi uses its own and third-party cookies for the following purposes:

· To identify the user when he visits the page. The cookie is valid for 90 days from the last visit.

· To store the selected language in a cookie, so that the user is automatically redirected to the right page

· For analytics and user data collection using Google Analytics tools

· To target content using the Facebook Pixel

Google cookies

Hanko Aasia uses the Google Analytics service, which is a web analysis service provided by a third party, Google Inc., to analyze website usage and generate statistics. Google Analytics collects certain information about website visitors using cookie files in order to analyze and improve your use of the website. This information includes, for example, how the user found the site and how he works on the site.

Information about the use of the website, generated by cookies, is transferred and stored on a Google server in Tampere. Google Analytics can also provide information to third parties. Google states that it only stores non-identifying information, i.e. it does not connect the collected information to an individual person.

You can prevent Google from collecting data generated by cookies, about your use of the website (including your IP address) and data processing by Google via the following link:

Google's Privacy Policy is available at:

Facebook cookies

Hanko Aasia uses customized target groups from Facebook Inc. in interest-based online advertising, in connection with which a tracking pixel has been included on our website. The tracking pixel is an analytics tool that allows us to create target groups for advertising and to ensure that our ads are shown to the right target groups (such as age and interests).

With the help of the tracking pixel, we can also, for example, monitor the effectiveness of Facebook ads and use this information for statistical and market research purposes. The tracking pixel creates a direct connection between the user's browser and Facebook's servers. Through this, Facebook receives information that our website was accessed from the user's device. The information collected for us remains anonymous, and we cannot see the personal information of an individual user.

However, Facebook stores and processes the collected information and is able to associate this information with the user's Facebook account and use the information for its own marketing purposes in accordance with Facebook's privacy policy.

You can block the use of your data in custom target groups via this link:

Facebook's Privacy Policy is available at:

Blocking cookies

You can block cookies in most browsers. Below are instructions for blocking cookies in different browsers.

· Internet Explorerissa napauta Työkalut > Internet-asetukset > Tietosuoja >Lisäasetukset> Estä kaikki evästeet

· Firefoxissa napauta kolmen viivan ikonia > Asetukset > Tietosuoja ja Turvallisuus

· Safarissa napauta Asetukset> Yksityisyys

· Google Chromessa napauta oikeassa yläkulmassa olevaa kolmen pallon ikonia>Asetukset> Lisäasetukset >Tietosuoja ja turvallisuus

Blocking cookies may hinder the usability of some websites.

More information: If you want more information about Hanko Sushi's cookie policy or the data we store, contact us by email:

Privacy statement


hankoaasia.fias a user and regular customer of the service, you benefit from many tangible benefits in dozens of different restaurants around Finland. To enable this, we may collect information about you when you use website and - mobile application.

In this data protection statement, we explain what data we collect, how we use and protect it, and your possibilities to influence the use of your personal data.

Last modified: 22.08.2023

Valid from: 22.08.2023


The Finnish restaurant industry group NoHo Partners Oyj (Y-ID: 1952494-7) acts as the registrar of the Hanko Aasia restaurants loyalty register. The information collected in the register consists of contact information provided by the customer himself and automatically collected usage information. Data processing is based on the customer relationship. The information is used to implement and develop services, manage customer relations, and for advertising and marketing. Information is not disclosed to outsiders of the NoHo Partners group, with the exception of service providers, and information is processed only in Finland.


We can collect information about you when you register for our services, use our websites or mobile applications, visit our restaurants or otherwise communicate with us. The information we collect can be divided into two categories based on the source of information: (a) information you provide to us and (b) information we automatically collect. We may combine and combine the information you provide us with the information we automatically collect.

The information you provide
We can collect your personal information that you give us, such as your first and last name, phone number, gender, date of birth, local address, zip code, post office, email address and the type of your selected benefit card. We may also collect other information you give us. For those registered to the mobile application, we can store the password you provide to log in to our services. In addition, we store information in the register on whether you have given your consent to direct marketing via the electronic means referred to in the law or whether you have prohibited direct marketing.

Automatically collected information
We may use various methods to automatically collect information from your computer or mobile device when you use our website or mobile application. Automatic methods may include cookies, web beacons and other technologies. Automatically collected information may include your IP address, your location, the operating system of your computer or mobile device, the browser you use, the type and settings of your mobile device, and your activities related to the use of our services, such as the pages you visit on our website or mobile applications. Most of the automatically collected information related to the use of our website or mobile application is only stored temporarily. You can prevent automatic data collection based on cookies by disabling cookies in your browser settings. However, we ask you to note that cookies may be necessary for the proper functioning of some services. You can also influence the automatically collected data by changing the access rights you have given to our mobile application with the settings of your mobile device.


Providing and developing services
We can use your information to offer you services and loyalty benefits and to communicate with you regarding your loyalty. We can also use your information for marketing and advertising of restaurant services directed at you. In addition, we can use the information we collect to develop our services.

Using location information
Our website or mobile application may request information about your location in order to present our local restaurants and benefits. You can also specify the location yourself. We use information about your location only for the purpose described above and do not pass it on to third parties. Location information is only stored temporarily and does not contain accurate information about your location. You can prevent the use of location data in your device settings.

Basis for personal data processing
The primary basis for the processing of personal data is the customer relationship between the company belonging to the NoHo Partners group and you (a practical connection) and our related legitimate interest in managing the customer relationship and targeting marketing. We can also process your data based on your consent.


We do not sell your personal information and only disclose your information as described in this privacy statement. In handing over information, valid data protection legislation is followed. Your personal data will not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

We can hand over your personal data to persons responsible for loyal customers, sales and marketing within the NoHo Partners group. We may transfer your personal data in order to obtain loyalty cards to service providers who provide us with services such as data processing and other information technology services, campaign, competition and raffle services, as well as opinion and market research services. We do not allow such service providers to use or disclose your personal information for any purpose other than to provide services on our behalf.

If, for strategic or other business reasons, we decide to sell or transfer all or part of our business, as part of such sale or transfer, we may pass on the information we collect and maintain, including customer information containing your personal information, to anyone involved in the sale or transfer of the business.

In addition, we may disclose your personal data if we deem it necessary due to an applicable law, regulation or request from an authority.


We store your information in an electronic register and have taken appropriate measures to secure your personal information. Using the register, changing and processing data requires user identification and a secure connection. Use of the register is allowed only to designated persons whose task is to maintain and manage the system and customers. The register data is protected from external access and the use of the register is monitored.


We only keep the personal data we collect for as long as the data can be considered necessary for the purposes described in this data protection statement, unless keeping the data longer than this is required by law or permitted by law. We will delete your data stored in the register when your loyal customership ends.


We may update this privacy statement and our privacy practices from time to time. If the changes are significant, we will announce them on our website or by other means, for example by email. We hope that you will read this statement regularly so that you have the latest information about our privacy practices.


You have the right to check the information about yourself, the right to demand the correction, deletion or addition of incorrect information. You have the right to rely on all your rights protected by data protection legislation, such as the right to limit processing and to object to processing, and the right to transfer data from one system to another. However, we ask you to note that the provision, storage and processing of information may in certain situations be a prerequisite for commissioning or using the service.

You also have the right to prohibit the use of the information you provide for direct advertising, remote sales or other direct marketing by deleting your customer account upon request. If you have given us permission to send you marketing communications, you can later refuse communications according to the instructions we include in the messages.


If you have any questions about our data protection practices or want to exercise your rights related to data protection, you can primarily contact us by email or letter:

Contact person:
Joni Heinikoski
Restaurant Group Director, Hanko Sushi Restaurants
Email: joni.heinikoski(a)

NoHo Partners Oyj
Hatanpään valtatie 1 B
FI-33100 Tampere

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